[Call for contribution] Researchers from the ReAAL project will organize an interactive session at the coming AAL Forum in Ghent (on Thursday 24 September)

Need and Challenges when assessing AAL solutions impact - Do Interoperable Solutions REALLY have added value?

To scale up independent living solutions in testing grounds and reference sites we need to collect and share more evidence on impact of the different solutions across Europe, thus increasing the awareness of need for impact assessment. This session aims to demonstrate the value of impact assessment for the AAL domain. In the first session part, we would like to share experiences on impact assessment of AAL solutions on society, technology, economics & business. As interoperable solutions, mainly based on open platforms, have been on the center of the EU strategy in the last few years, thus, we target the second part of the discussion on the impact of open platform based AAL services, and ways to demonstrate and validate the added value of these solutions compared to current ones. Finally, we present a Roadmap to increase the evidence culture in European countries.

The interactive session builds on short presentations and discussions. We invite interested stakeholders to contribute to this session’s topic with a 10 minute presentation.

Abstract must be submitted with respect to one of Four main following themes using this form before August 15th.

  • Value of impact assessment from a multi-stakeholder perspective;
  • Experience with developing and using evaluation models for Single AAL solutions
  • Experience with evaluation of (AAL solutions based on) an open platform, including the outcomes of the evaluation and your lessons learned as an evaluator
  • Roadmap to increase the evidence culture in European countries

Deadline for submitting your abstract: August 15th. By August 20th, we will let you know whether or not your contribution was selected.

 We expect presenters:

  • To acknowledge they are available to speak during the session at whatever time it is set in the conference program (currently, 24 September in the afternoon).
  • To work closely with the organizers of the session before the conference and meet all deadlines
  • To design and provide high-quality PowerPoint presentations, in electronic format, by the deadline given;
  • To register for the AAL Forum themselves; you will not receive compensation for your contribution.


For further questions, please free free to contact:

Helmi Ben Hmida Email: helmi.ben.hmida(at)igd.fraunhofer.de

Marleen de Mul Email: demul(at)bmg.eur.nl