Overview of ReAAL Involvement at AAL Forum 2014

AAL Forum 2014: http://aalforum.eu/

9-12 September 2014

Palace of the parliament – Bucharest, Romania

Funding "associated pilots" by ReAAL: The info event at AAL Forum

Side-event at AAL Forum on September 9, 2014, 13:00 – 16:00

Side-event programme

Side-event registration closed!*

In order to enlarge the project impact and involve more stakeholders to take part in the assessment of the impact of common open platforms on the market penetration in the domain of active and independent living, the ReAAL project has recently decided to issue an open call for "associated pilots". This is now the first public info event on this topic.

As an AAL stakeholder and community member, you are invited to participate in this event, especially if

  • you are planning, or already involved in, piloting initiatives with AAL solutions, and would welcome public funding
  • you would like to have an overview of some of the running large-scale roll-outs in Europe, their approaches to challenges, and their experiences
  • you would like to know about the impact of using a common open platform in roll-outs and get familiar with the one promoted by the EC and EIP-AHA
  • you are considering to attend AAL Forum 2014 in Bucharest

Please refer to the event programme (linked above) for more info.

The co-organized session C5

Title: Promoting innovation by scaling up: myth or fact?

Date: 11 September 2014, 15:00 – 16:30

The Strategic Implementation Plan for launching EIP-AHA [1] as well as the associated Operational Plan [2] assume that innovation can be promoted by scaling up. Session C5 aims at assessing this assumption. One-third of the time will be used for reporting in short about related experiences by four submitters (each 5 to 7 minutes). The focus of these very short presentations will be on the way and extent that the corresponding programs / actions / projects affect the market in terms of promoting innovation. The remaining part of the time (ca. 1 hour) will be used to discuss the effectiveness of the presented strategies in comparison. A note-taker will create a report from this session that will be finalized by the attending presenters in order to provide EIP-AHA with related feedback for the improvement of the effectiveness of the EIP-AHA action plans.

See also aalforum.eu/track-c-supporting-projects-to-market.

Presentation at Session B2 – Connecting AAL solutions

Title: AAL services: From Interoperability to Platform Requirements of Large-Scale Pilots

Authors: Bruno Jean-Bart (Trialog) and Helmi Ben Hmida (Fraunhofer IGD)

Date: 10 September 2014, 16:00 – 17:30

The goal of the contribution is to report about the results of the analysis performed by the ReAAL project partners in order to deliver interoperability requirements of their applications. The interoperability analysis process was directed at preparing the adaptation of existing AAL applications to a common open platform for AAL to be used across all pilots. A feedback of that process has been that the AAL ecosystem is not a-priori familiar with, nor particularly interested in, the interoperability topic. What are the advantages of AAL interoperability? What is the cost of that evolution? What is the innovation provided by an interoperable approach? The presentation will report on these questions and will provide the resulting customization of the ReAAL pilots' applications.

Presentation at Session C3 – Economic and social impacts

Title: The OPEA Assessment Framework for Large-Scale Open Platform Deployments in AAL

Authors: Marleen de Mul & Marc Koopmanschap (Erasmus Uni Rotterdam) and Dario Salvi (Politechnic Uni Madrid)

Date: 11 September 2014, 10:30 – 12:00

The ReAAL project is conducting a large-scale deployment over 5000 users in several pilots in six countries, in order to study the multidimensional obstacles to the deployment of AAL and, in particular, how universAAL, the common open platform used in ReAAL, may overcome these barriers. The contribution will focus on the Open Platform Ecosystem Assessment framework (OPEA), which is especially designed for this project. The framework builds on existing models relevant for the domain of study: the MAST model for assessing the AAL applications, and Delone and Maclean’s model of information system success for assessing the value of universAAL. Furthermore, the framework takes a value network perspective, taking into account all stakeholders in the ecosystem from older persons to technology developers and providers, service provider organizations, municipalities and policymakers.

Mobile Apps for Independent Living



ReAAL has been invited to this event to share its experiences so far with regard to concrete interoperability challenges in the context of the concrete applications being deployed at ReAAL pilot sites (see the event programme under the above link).

ENGAGED Mutual Learning Workshop on Business Models

ENGAGED is the closest partner project of ReAAL in the EIP-AHA Action Group C2; we recommend the participation in this side event as it is addressing one of the major challenges in the AAL community.

* To join us at the info event, you have to first register at the AAL forum 2014: aalforum.uefiscdi.ro/conference/register

[1] webgate.ec.europa.eu/eipaha/library/index/download/id/48

[2] webgate.ec.europa.eu/eipaha/library/index/download/id/49