RijnmondNet (RNT, Netherlands)

The Stichting (foundation) RijnmondNet is the direct partner to the consortium, representing the pilot site - Health Portal Rijnmond. Stichting RijnmondNet focuses on innovation in health care in the region of Rijnmond, and its main task is to enable reliable and secure communication between health providers and patients. In close cooperation with regional institutions, Stichting RijnmondNet coordinates advancements in infrastructure for electronic communications.

Health Portal Rijnmond is a program within Stichting RijnmondNet. It is a health portal covering the Rijnmond region (the greater Rotterdam area, around 1.3 mio people), and is the leading actor in information exchange about care, cure and welfare. The main goal of Health Portal is to increase the accessibility and efficiency of health and welfare services delivered to the citizens.

The aim of the cooperation of the parties is to encourage the use of remote care applications. The regional health institutions have agreed not to compete but rather to work together to encourage the roll out of such applications. Besides, the health institutions identified the necessity to create one access point for both citizens and health care professionals to have access to personal, medical and health related information. This access point (authentication) is based on the social security number.

Value proposition portfolio

By provision of health related information to citizens, health care professionals, (in)formal caregivers, and service providers, the efficiency and quality of health service is improving. This adequate information exchange is related to personal information of specific people.

In the Netherlands 6 applications will be deployed. These 6 applications will cover a total of 3 services. The provided services and the related applications are:

Service “Remote safety monitoring”

Application Almende: An Android app for the smartphone to monitor daily physical activity, coaching and fall detection


Application MedicineMen (new name of Kwatch): Medication management with the help of smart watch technology.




Service “Remote health monitoring”

Application NetMedical: Monitoring of health at home with the help of sensors, scales and instruments for blood pressure, weight and blood glucose.




Application Curavista: Monitoring chronic diseases at home with the help of diaries and online questioning systems.




Service “Decreasing dependency”

Application MiBida: Screen to screen communication with the help of open source technology.


Application MindDistrict: Online self-help for mental issues.


Stakeholders and total number of users involved

The stakeholders involved in the project where the applications will be deployed are:

  • Aafje

  • Izah

  • Izer

  •   Laurens

  • Lelie Zorggroep


  • Middin

  • HRC Dietistenpraktijk

  • Humanitas


Health portal Rijnmond will start deployment from Q1 in 2014. The deployment will last in iterations to ensure the learning process for all involved stakeholders. At least 1700 users will be deployed at the end of 2014. The year 2015 will be focusing on embedding, sharing experiences and continuation after the project.