Smart Living

The Smart Living sites consist of housing that use the Smart Living system. Smart Living offers the possibility to establish an information and service center in each living room. This way, inhabitants of smart living houses have access to information about the localities, can look up things to their interests, appoint service providers and order anything needed for their daily convenience. 

Smart living’s main objective is to try and extend the systems with additional applications that can interoperate with the Smart Living system over the universAAL platform, thus benefit from each other and provide a higher level of assistance to users. The goal is to provide services which enable the elderly to stay in their homes for as long as possible. 

There are four areas of Smart Living services:1) comfort 2) security 3) health & welfare 4) communication Inhabitants can now easily contact their landlord, order food, check the weather or get updates on other important news, contact emergency services to get the medicine they need, or be provided with cleaning service and thus can be sure someone is there when needed. With these services, real estate companies can provide their customers with an additional benefit and receive an advantage over their competitors.


Real Estate Company

The real estate company buys the smart living system for its customers, the inhabitants of their flats. Simultaneously the real estate company is provider of different services (e.g. concierge service, Sunday rolls, Sunday newspaper). Main business of the real estate company is to lease, sell and administer flats. Often they have own service companies which provide the said services.

Service Providers

Welfare agencies (e.g. German Red Cross, Hospitaller (Johanniter Unfallhilfe))

Welfare agencies offer services for elderly and people in needs of care. They provide nursing services and services close to home, e.g: • Garbage Service • Housekeeping while holiday • Cleaning service • Host of several events fit to the elderly • Consultation for propositions (like allowance for nursing care) 

Delivery Service Provider

Several delivery service providers supply the inhabitants with everyday commodities like drinks, food and so on. Until now the providers offer only conventional. Due to smart living the providers extend their supply and can be contacted via mail or fax and deliver extras to the inhabitants.

Welfare service provider

The welfare service providers offer services like cutting hair, podiatry, massage, and so on. For smart living some of them extend their offers and visit the inhabitants at their homes. The other providers do it anyway. Contacting a service provider using a new channel like mail or fax requires new structures and infrastructures.


Smart Living GmbH

SL uses a software-platform developed by Fraunhofer ISST for providing smart living services to the inhabitants of real estate companies. SL adapts and customizes this platform for the need of the different real estate companies, which are the customers of S

  • Smart Living integrates the different local service providers technically
  • Smart Living integrates different content providers to automatically list content in the service-platform
  • the Smart Living service-platform is always available
  • Smart Living manually does content maintenance
  • Smart Living installs the clients of the smart living system in the flats of the real estate companies and introduces the system to them
  • Smart Living teaches staff of the real estate companies to do first level support for the inhabitants

Value proposition portfolio

The Smart Living System offers several services. There are four categories of services: comfort, security, health & welfare and communication. The Smart Living System can be equipped with at least for main service

  • There for you
  • Delivery of everyday commodities
       o Subservice are “Order Sunday rolls” and “Order Sunday newspaper”
  • Information for the user
  • Welfare Service
       o Subservice are “Cleaningservice” and “Garbadge service”

Service “There for you”

If users feel ill, sick or bad, they can use this service. By hitting a "There for you" button an care-taker will be informed that you feel bad. The care-taker will call you back or will come around. It's part of the monthly fee, paid by the inhabitants to the real estate company.

Service “Delivery of everyday commodities”

Inhabitants with limited mobility can order some everyday commodities by using smart living system.

Service “Information for the user”

Inhabitants will be informed about news, gossip, weather, sports and so on.

Service “Welfare Service”

Inhabitants can order different welfare services like cutting hair, podiatry, massage, and so on.

Stakeholders and total number of users involved

Real estate companies

The services will be installed in the houses of the real estate companies Faco Immobilien GmbH and meravis GmbH residing in Bitburg/Germany and Hannover/Germany.

Faco brings in three blocks of buildings: “Fürstenhof”, “Limbourgs Garten” and the in 2014 build “Neues Palais am Türmchen” with 43, 29 and 60 inhabitants. Meravis brings in 150 users of the Smart Living System, called “kiezbook”. So altogether there will be 282 users.

Service provider

In case of Faco the services will be provided by themselves and the DRK (German red cross). For meravis, the Johanniter Unfallhilfe (JUH) will provide services. Smart Living GmbH will install, host and also maintain the services. In case of problems the real estate companies will provide first level support in consideration of the overall-principle “one face to the customer”. Smart Living GmbH will provide second level support.