Pays Perche - Eure-et-Loir - Region Centre Val de Loire (France)

“Le Perche” is a French rural territory that has established a local contract of health with the regional agency of health (ARS). “Le Pays Perche d’Eure-et-Loir“ is particularly characterized by a deficit of the offer of care at the needs for the population. This deficit concerns both the medical and social offers. In order to solve these problems, the policy of the organisation “Pays Perche d’Eure-et-Loir, (PPEL) “ was to impulse in 2009 a new dynamic regarding the health and social services on the territory by the implementation of a territorial animation of health piloted by the “Pole Territorial“. This entity has also in charge the economic development of the territory. Trialog is leading a Pilot in a rural territory on the West of Paris, “le Pays Perche”. Follow the progress on Pilot Facebook page

Perche Digital - Basis for the Proposal

The proposal of the ReAAL Perche Digital Pilot is to deploy on the territory two applications using an open and open source platform called universAAL with approximately 200 people (beneficiaries, caregivers and professionals). The uAAL platform has a main role to offer to the applications a way to share data (data bus and service bus). Due to planning constraints, the ReAAL Perche Digital pilot has imported, integrated and extended existing universAALised applications. 

  • Ici et Maintenant (Here and Now) service
  • Mon Parcours (Help When Outdoor)

Involved Entities


TRIALOG is already a partner of the ReAAL project. It is a system and software engineering company in the fields of real-time and embedded systems. It focuses on innovative systems for the automotive and home / consumer electronics marketplaces. TRIALOG core competencies are therefore oriented towards the right combination of real-time embedded software and networking technologies which are the keys to building such communicating devices and their interfaces to large business information systems. TRIALOG engineering process focuses on system, network and software architecture, design-to-cost and design-to-security. Some works carried out recently include service development for the connected home. Trialog is developing software building blocks for the eHome market in several areas (energy management, home control, AAL). He is the leader of a French innovation project called AMISURE, which aims at improving the organisation of actors in the care service areas. Trialog is the leading partner with APHP to represent the region Ile de France in the EIP-AHA initiative. It is a one of the coordinator of the definition of the C2 plan of action in the EIP-AHA initiative (C2: interoperable and flexible solutions for independent living). More information on Trialog can be found in

Pole Territorial Perche d’Eure-et-Loir

The Pays Perche of Eure-et-Loir is an association representing all the municipalities of the Pays Perche territory. The territory brings together six counties of 74 municipalities. Faced with these challenges, the region decided to improve its health situation with the establishment of a territorial socio-cultural activities conducted by Nicole Delaygue, an elected health official. From 2009 to the present, territorial health efforts have managed to create a network which includes all local partners. It continues to build strong links between communities, hospitals, nursing homes, associations, and other stakeholders through concrete actions and common management.

Lycée Nermont

The Nermont School is a school for home helpers. It delivers education in relation with «services to the persons and to the territories. Convinced of the necessity of making recognize the formations near the professionals, the private individuals, the employers, the pupils, the trainees and the contractors, the Nermont School prepares for the professional high school diploma ; Services to the People and to Territories " in the direction of home helpers (“Assistant(e) de vie aux familles”-ADVF), Early childhood (“Cap Petite Enfance”),  the Diploma of caregivers (“Diplôme d’état Aide Soignant(e)”), and to the preparatory schools for entrance examination of the social domain. Because of the growth of this business sector, and to answer a high demand, the Nermont High School sets up an educational organization centered on the individualization of careers. Expertise in home helping, employability (young persons, State Diploma, employees) in the business sectors " Services to the people " are fundamental elements which justify the presence of the school and its formations in the project ReAAL Perche Digital

Piloting Concept

Ici et Maintenant Applications

The service I et M allows to transmit short messages of various natures to the user mobile phones: 

  • Local events and information (recreation, cultural activity, security)
  • His medical appointments, e.g. reminder of taking his medicine
  • His personal events (e.g. rendez-vous)

These events are created by several broadcasters (municipality, associations, healthcare professionals, social workers, caregivers, public library, police force). These broadcasters will create categories (to structure these events) and post messages towards these categories or towards identified users. The application on the Android mobile is used by the beneficiaries (and the others) to read messages. A main screen presents a list of categories. By clicking one of them a new screen appears where the list of the messages of this category is represented. Then, when the person selects a message, the details are presented.

Service Mon Parcours - HWO

The service Help When Outdoor (“Assistance à l’extérieur”) helps a person when he is away from home, with an alert button and a guide to go to a known place. The service also allows a third person to localize the beneficiary on a map and to help him to return home if he needs to.

Rationale for this Pilot

Benefits of this pilot in view of the project's goals (as stated in the DOW)

The ReAAL Perche Digital is contributing to the project objectives (On) as follows

1- It will contribute to “the ReAAL experience as an ultimate reference for future investments

Not only Trialog as an SME involved in AAL market will take benefit of the Pilot, but also the regional ecosystem in the Perche and other part of the region. The Perche is a rural area already convinced that the digital solutions will bring new services to the people and will generate local employment. See for instance the projects promoted by the local stakeholders (see Among these stakeholders, we can quote the innovative Wide Code School (  ) which contributes to the “digital” vision of the territory

2-It will analyse and assess further some key showcases of ReAAL (O2) 

(service integration, integration with legacy system, sharing data) by demonstrating that applications imported from different pilots can be quickly integrated and deployed.

3-It is the only Pilot which will integrate two imported applications together with a legacy system  (O6).

4-Further applications developed for instance by the Wide Code School and other local partners ( could be part of the universAAL ecosystem in future (O3).

5-It will contribute to bring a new angle of impacts of uAAL applications (O4 and O5)

because the developed Apps address the requirements of new type of users (elderly in a rural area) and public partners (a large number of small municipalities, social service associations, public library). Moreover several public local policy makers (Conseil Départemental, Deputy Member, Pension Fund) are involved and will follow carefully the Pilot.

6-The value chain of this Pilot is unique (O7):

a local Application Provider (Trialog), two local partners to ensure the recruitment and the monitoring of the deployment, several type of Service Providers (municipalities, Social Service Associations, Public Library, Police Force).

7-It will consolidate the business model of uAAL (O8)   by making Trialog to become an Application Provider as well as a technical support of the middleware. This is in line with the strategy of the company.

What are the added-values that this pilot would bring to the project, in comparison with pilots and associated pilots already in place?

The added-values of this pilot can be derived from the elements provided in the previous section.

a) The demonstration that applications designed with uAAL by different providers (BSA, Baerum, IMA) can be combined in a new set of Applications in a relative short time and effort.

b) The demonstration that applications designed with uAAL in another context can be adapted and personalized to a new situation (rural areas and new value chain) in a relative short time and effort.

c) The pilot will contribute to the large scale evaluation in a different context and timing.

d) Trialog can demonstrate its capacity to design and deploy uAALised applications that will have a strong impact for dissemination and exploitation.

e) A strong value chain of public stakeholders is included in the Pilot which is a very encouraging eleent for future replications.

Proposed pilot tests duration As requested by the DoW

the pilot test will last more than 6 months (from Nov 2015 to July 2016).