Municipality of Odense (Denmark)

The municipality of Odense is a public authority that serves to assist the citizens of the city of Odense. The municipality is divided into 5 departments, and ReAAL is grounded in the mayor department (economy, HR, contracts, digitalization and IT development) as well as in the department of the elderly and disabled (caretakers, nurses and consultants). The primary goal of the municipality is to service citizens in need - in the case of ReAAL primarily the elderly and disabled. The municipality consists of a number of organizations that cannot be summed up here. Two relevant organizations in the context of ReAAL are nursing homes and municipal physiotherapy - which are described in the value chain below.


Odense Kommune:

The municipality acts as a provider of service to different target groups in the population. In the case of elderly and disabled, the municipality for instance offers nursing homes for elderly in need, takes over care after hospital visits (e.g. sorecare, transportation, aids, mobility etc), and provides general support in everyday life activities (e.g. cleaning, personal hygiene, dressing, scheduling) whenever this is necessary for the elderly and the disabled people.

The municipality that participates has a strong interest in continually offering good service to the citizens. This means that we have a strong interest in AAL services and avoiding vendor lock in.

Municipal nursing homes

The municipality acts as a provider of service to different target groups in the population. One of these services is offering nursing homes to the citizens in need. The work in nursing homes requires much coordination of activities so as to provide good and effective service, and to maximize the use of the resources available. Work activities in nursing homes may include all aspects of daily life activities for the elderly - such as personal hygiene, medicine distribution, nutrition, assistance in daily life activities and so forth.

An application is provided that permits

  • the use of (human) resources to their full potential 
  • minimalizes risks and mistakes in daily task management 
  • maximizes overview of tasks to be performed in relation to a specific citizen. 

Stay in nursing homes is partly financed by the municipality, partly through citizens paying a monthly fee for stay and service.

Municipal physiotherapists

The municipality acts as a provider of service to different target groups in the population. One of these services is offering physiotherapy in the aid of recovery, rehabilitation or maintaining physical strength for the elderly and disabled. Municipal physiotherapy covers a range of activities, including physical training and follow up on compliance.

An application is provided that permits

  • flexible and customized training programmes for training at home 
  • encourage compliance through clear instructions 
  • offers contact with physiotherapist via mail or chat function. 

In Odense municipality, the service is provided free for citizens.

Value Proposition Portfolio

The municipality of Odense covers a range of services and offers to citizens in the city of Odense. The two that will be highlighted as relevant in this context a

  • offering good and efficient care during stays in nursing homes 
  • ensuring citizens receive appropriate assistance with physiotherapists when needed, both when they are staying in a nursing home and when they are still living in their own homes

Service “Offering efficient and good care of elderly people in nursing homes.”

When citizens are no longer able to take care of themselves in their own homes, the municipality offers stays in nursing homes. Here the citizens are cared for by formal care takers, who assist the citizens in all aspects of daily life - including personal hygiene, medicine administration, nutrition and so forth. The service needs to support the work of the formal caretakers in nursing homes in planning and coordinating to ensur

  • the full use of resources 
  • to minimize risks 
  • to maximize overview of daily tasks.

Service “Providing citizens with assistance through physiotherapy when needed”

When citizens experience a physical deterioration - due to accidents, ageing or other - the municipality offers assistance in training to regain prior level of function, or to decrease the risk of physical deterioration. The citizens are given a training programme and are assisted in keeping and complying with the programme. The service needs to assist this action by providing a tool that can contain a flexible customized training programme and offer possibility for contact with physiotherapist in between sessions in the homes of the citizen.

Stakeholders and total number of users involved


The stakeholders involved in the project are the municipality of Odense, specifical

  • application #112: the municipal nursing homes (caregivers) and citizens living at the nursing homes.
  • application #113: municipal physiotherapists, citizens and relatives (mainly live-in relatives).

The total number of stakeholders/users in the two applications combined is expected to be at least 800. The number of users will be determined in a later planning phase. Each of the two applications will be deployed separately, with independent deployment plans. Both applications will be adapted to UniversAAL.