ReAAL Advisory Board

Aims and Objectives

The ReAAL advisory board (AB) has been set up with the intention of keeping the project directly oriented towards the stakeholders’ priorities. The experts participating in the AB will accompany the project and provide feedback to the project’s official organs in terms of assessing the quality and relevance of the results of the project from an external stakeholders’ point of view.

Other objectives are:

  • To help that the ReAAL experience becomes the ultimate reference for large-scale rollouts in the domain of active and independent living
  • To find out how the benefits of “ecosystem around an open platform” can be made understandable for all;
  • AB members may act as ambassadors of ReAAL and reflect external feedback to ReAAL.

In the context of all ReAAL consortium meetings (each 4 to 6 months), an afternoon session will be organized for the advisory board to meet the project management team, where the latter reports about the project status and the challenging issues in the project and the advisory board will be consulted with regard to the project risks and optimization of the impact. If necessary, representatives of the pilot sites will be invited to the meetings of the AB.


M. Arndt: Chairwoman of ETSI TC M2M

A. Kung: Member of AALOA governing board & Member of EIP-AHA
     C2 coordination team

J. Laurila-Dürsch: Representing IEC SEG-3 AAL

K. Marcus: President of the CMU of the AAL JP

E. Mestheneos: IFA Regional Vice President, Europe

C. Nielsen: Vice chair of the EU Working Group of the Continua Health Alliance

C. Pagliari: Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (expert for socio-economic

M. Swinkels: Member of EIP-AHA C2 coordination team, representing CORAL
      andENGAGED networks

G. Worsley: Leader of ALIP that funds the dallas Programme in UK