The thematic network ENGAGED [1] with the Grant Agreement CIP ICT PSP 325172 is a project under the same program and call as ReAAL that started in parallel to ReAAL. It is actively contributing to the shaping and implementation of the action plans in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) in order to facilitate the delivering of products and services in the real life. As a network of networks, ENGAGED aims at monitoring all the running projects under the CIP program.

The collaboration between the two projects started already during the parallel negotiation of their Grant Agreements with the European Commission due to having three partners in common, two of which (Fraunhofer IGD and CNT-ISTI) represent the AALOA community within ENGAGED. The two projects could also align very well in the context of creating the coordination team of the Action Group C2 of EIP-AHA (each project appointing one of the eight members of the team). In addition, the Content Manager of ENGAGED is a member of ReAAL’s Advisory Board.

ReAAL expects to extend the project’s outreach by connecting to this emerging network of AAL stakeholders and by collaborating to the mutual benefits of the two projects. ReAAL will use the mutual learning workshops organized by ENGAGED as an amplifier for the desired network effect in the favor of an ecosystem of AAL technologies, products, and services.

We would like to invite the community around ENGAGED to contact and link with us, especially when interested in large-scale roll-outs in the domain of active and independent living.

[1] ENGAGED Website: http://engaged-innovation.eu/