Associated Pilot: Nutrition management for independent living in Taipei (Taiwan)

As a consortium member of the universAAL project, ITRI [1] contributed to different project activities and is now searching for the keys to scalability and sustainability of the universAAL service model.

Together with its strategic partners from ICT and healthcare services sectors, ITRI is looking closely into the integration of services with clear guidance to meet the needs and desires of older people in their own homes. Therefore, this partnership has joined the ReAAL project as an associated pilot.

The aim of the cooperation of the partners is to focus on technology development and innovative service solutions as well as sustainable business model for nutrition management at homes of older people.

Value proposition portfolio

Service "Nutrition management"

  • Diet menu selection and calories record
  • Nutritional diet recommendations
  • Calories consumption record
  • Health education

Service "Local food & drink delivery"

  • Online restaurants and cafes searching, including information of food served
  • Diversity cuisine and gourmet category
  • Online order and takeout services
  • One-stop-shopping and online payment
  • Door-to-door delivery service

Stakeholders and total number of users involved

The stakeholders are: 

  •    Service providers

         Helthin: Health management service provider

  •    Producer

         ITRI: Nutrition management solution and universAAL technical provider

         Inventec: universAAL-based Home Node and solution provider

         Helthin: Health management service provider

         BccSOFT: POS (Point Of Sale) and ERP system integrator

         TaiDoc: Blood pressure meter manufacture

  •    Consumers Elderly people

Total number of users involved: 100 households with elderly resident in Taipei City will be recruited in this pilot.


  • B2B: Business to business profit sharing (Among Helthin, EZTABLE, Inventec, ITRI)
  • B2C: Consumers pay service fee to Helthin or EZTABLE.

Producers (B2B)


ITRI has been devoted in innovative R&D for smart living service solutions in recent years. Since year 2006, Service Systems Technology Center (SSTC) has been established to focus on innovative research and technology development for eHealth and green energy, as well as service solutions and sustainable business model.

Several national wide projects, including tele-healthcare for individuals with chronic illnesses, tele-employee health management, and environment security monitoring with RFID technology, have been led by SSTC/ITRI to realize government policy for social implementation. Collaboration projects for service systems planning and implementation for iCity and smart town are also ongoing with major cities in China.

ITRI is not only Taiwan's largest applied technology R&D institution, but also a pioneer in creating Taiwan's high tech industry. As of today, more than 75% of the ITRI's 6,000 employees hold either a Master's degree or PhD in their respective field of studies:

  • Information and Communication
  • Electronics and Optoelectronics
  • Material, Chemical and Nanotechnology
  • Medical Device and Biomedical Technologies
  • Mechanical and Systems Technologies
  • Green Energy and Environment Technologies

Their focus on these six major fields will lay down the foundation for innovative research in the future of technological industry, and hence, transform our domestic industry into global bedrock for technological innovation.


Inventec is a total solution provider with leading design, engineering, manufacturing and worldwide deployment capabilities for general servers, blade servers, storage devices, and server management software.

Inventec provides flexible, high quality and cost-effective solutions for their worldwide customers with complete support in IT hardware and software design, development, integration, manufacturing and after-sale services.

To respond to the change and competition of the market, Inventec conducts the following strategy - Innovation Ownership, Sustainable Energy, Cloud Service, Mobile Broadband, and Emerging Market, in the hope of achieving corporate mission “Best System, Software and Service Company”. In joint-ventures with customers, Inventec continually identifies their needs and explores new client-oriented products. Inventec aims to be a leading corporation in the fields of cloud computing and mobile device.


BccSOFT combines with the latest technology and trends to develop POS services. In 2014, JabezPOS was launched, it allows enterprises to build POS cloud system that do not have to worry about the high cost and technology issues. BccSOFT aims to be a leading corporation in the fields of POS and ERP integration.


TaiDoc is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing premium healthcare devices and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This dedication and care has made TaiDoc the leading provider of diagnostic products.

Their comprehensive solution encompasses the design and manufacturing of blood glucose monitoring systems, blood pressure monitoring systems, systems that monitor both blood glucose and blood pressure, ear & forehead thermometers, strip designing & processing and advanced regulatory and business consulting services.

TaiDoc aims to obtain a world-class reputation in the fields of R&D and manufacturing through successive innovation and integration. There are four cornerstones they hold in the highest esteem: Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, and Partnership. Their major goal is to help create a future of good health for the population worldwide

Service provider (B2B,B2C)


Helthin is the pharmacy chain stores, providing individual health monitoring services through the Internet by integrating health information collected from APPs and monitoring devices at home. The health information exchange platform helps customers to manage their health and communicate with experts.

Helthin offers services for elderly and people in needs of self-health management.


  • Calories consumption record
  •  Physiological monitoring and alert
  • Health education
  •  Online Health-related HW & SW products selling
  • Treatment or health protection medication • Health management consultation

[1] Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a national research organization founded in 1973 in Taiwan, with a mission of conducting technological research, promoting industrial development, creating economic value and improving social welfare for Taiwan.