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About Inventec

Since its establishment(1975), Inventec has adhered to a corporate philosophy of “Innovation, Quality, Open Mind, and Execution”. Starting from calculator and telephone, Inventec has moved forward into notebook industry and established a compelling reputation. In 21th century, Inventec has entered the fields of cloud computing, mobile computing, wireless communications, network applications, digital home appliances, software application, and sustainable energy for the diversification.

With the strategy of “To value our core asset-people, To increase cross margin, To invest core business”. Inventec aspires to become one of top 10 most cutting edge technology companies in short period of time.

Motivation for Partnership

The Node of AAL product, it is a wireless solution to sync with BT device to provide the high blood pressure infromation to sync with AAL platform of middleware.

The ecosystem will be filed try in Taiwan for system certification in 2015.

universAALization Plan

IOEsync home Gateway is a device to sync with most of Home AAL functions, especially to embed the AAL node module inside. Which is link the blood pressure device to pass through data into IOEsync home Gateway and display the data in TV to interactive to both side: End user & Device.

IOESync for node


IOESync is a combination of a service type, currently part will use a combination of B2C + B2B business model. The approach will be combined with the use of the home as well as the integration of the use of the drug store.

For example, blood pressure and other data upload, and pharmacists will be based on data trends, to be caregivers to provide some suggestions of healthcare. And simultaneously push advertising, and food choices of the proposal at the same time in TV show in. Use the service in order to achieve diversity.

Meanwhile, IOESync also equipped with a variety of home security devices to choose from. Such as the multi-selector IPcam and Led Lamp of home security. The future according to basic uAAL-Node of the derivative to the outpost uAAL-Manager system.

Using the universAAL Middleware API for Coordinator Module

General approach

☒ Using universAAL runtime with the Java-OSGi API of the middleware

Using of the middleware buses

Context bus (for publishing events and / or subscribing to events)

Service bus (for calling and / or providing services)

Additional middleware features planned to be used

Multi-language support

Using universAAL “Manager” components (platform services)

Context History Entrepôt services (querying data gathered in the home)

Situation Reasoner services (the SR can store SPARQL CONSTRUCT-queries as rules to automatically generate new context events whenever certain conditions hold; this can be used to recognize situations; e.g., if you want that a context event is published whenever the user is sleeping, a solution could be to tell the SR to publish this event whenever in the night the user is in the sleeping room in the bed and the lights are off)