Associated Pilot "IMA" in France

Motivation for the Proposal

Inter Mutuelles Assistance (IMA) is a shareholding companies with a set of mutual funds: MAAF, MACIF, MAIF, MATMUT, SMACL, MAPA, Mutuelles des Motards, AGPM, AMF, MAE.

IMA provides assistance to 50 million people, all over the world. The 38 million shareholder’s mutual insurance company beneficiaries make up the largest part (more than 1 French citizen over 2). The group’s other clients, 150 mutual health insurance companies, represent another 12 million beneficiaries.

In France and throughout the world, IMA supplies assistance services of their beneficiaries to help overcome the various difficulties they may encounter in everyday life.

With 30 years’ experience, IMA is on-hand 24/7 for all of these people, escorting them throughout every moment of their lives.

Assisting people … the heart of our profession

IMA’s medical assistance is practiced in every single country in the world. The quality of the services provided is of a very high standard. It relies on a network of 7661 approved care centers located on the 5 continents.

Materiel assistance … our expertise

IMA took part in developing the PSA (Car manufacturer) emergency call service and set up a network of emergency call centres in the following countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Benelux and Austria.

The original feature of this service lies in processing the emergency call service in the language of the country of origin.

IMA set up its own R&D division which ran an innovative project called "communicating car", VCall, which ensures the safety of both people and belongings. This project was realized jointly with the MACIF and MAIF mutual insurance companies in charge of marketing the SYGEO and VIRGILE services for their members.

In the Telematic field, IMA took part in developing the European SafeTRIP project.

IMA, also, took part in developing the smartphone application such as Gensmart and Mx .

IMA acquired expertise in designing, developing, running, maintaining and upgrading personal safety services (automatic or manual geolocated emergency calls, geolocated assistance calls, accident causing area alerts) and belongings security (vehicle surveillance and stolen vehicle localization).

IMA is leading a deployment of several AAL services within the Region of Poitou-Charentes (around of the city of Niort). A number of stakeholders participated with IMA to this roll-out which will start in June 2014. This roll-out is partly funded by the National project AMISURE which is ending at Dec 2014. Plans to pursue experiment are foreseen for 2015.

The AAL services are mainly based on a multi-stakeholder application platform on the Web. The motivation here is to extend some of these Web applications to mobile applications and take profit on the universAAL Android platform to add new features.

AMISURE is a multi-stakeholder Application platform for the Cloud. uAAL is an Application platform available on Smart Phones. The project is therefore a good opportunity to study how these two platforms could interact and interoperate with each other.

The Basis for the Proposal

Among the services tested within the AMISURE project, two applications will be extended using the universAAL platform to an Android application. The two applications are related to the Home and Care Monitoring.

The current partnership consists of three associations who supply social and health services to seniors, of Serena, which is a subsidiary of IMA and devoted to assistive services, at Niort Hospital. The project is supported by the General Council of the Deux-Sèvres department in charge of the social policy and the Regional Health Agency of Poitou-Charentes.

The current roll-out concerns about 50 seniors and 40 other users (caregivers, caregiver manager). The funding of the experiment is partly provided by the AMISURE project and IMA.

Involved Entities

Funded Entities


IMA is acting as the main designer and vendor of the Applications. They are building and aim to operate the applications once on the market


Touticom is a SME in the Mobile and Cloud Software Development Company, specialized in Design and Marketing of any mobile OS target. The company customer portfolio is large and includes technology companies (Safran, Microsoft, SFR) and media companies (TF1, M6)… This company has been selected to perform the universaalisation and integration of the IMA Applications on mobile phone (Android) and back-office on behalf of IMA.

Piloting Concept

IMA is looking for AAL Applications that could extend its portfolio. The approach proposed for ReAAL is based on the scenario below. This scenario is based on a multi-sensors Home Care Monitoring, coupled when necessary by medical information. Among the different options, one application (geolocation sensor or verticality sensor) will be chosen after a further analysis of existing ReAAL solutions. This means that one existing service will be transferred from another partner. The other one will be picked up from the IMA’s applications portfolio (ARST mobile application).

Typical Use Case

Jeanne, 81, still lives at home in the village where she used to live with her husband, now deceased. She goes several times a week in the last center shopkeepers. It is an old area, made of narrow streets where it is not always easy to find oneself and where the old disjointed and slippery pavements make walking dangerous for elderly.

Pierre, his only son, lives too far away to regularly come and help her to do shopping. He is always a little worried when he knows her mother goes for a walk. Indeed, Jeanne has still had an unsteady gait since she fell. She also might fall in her house. Since Jane does absolutely not want to leave home, Pierre entices her to change some things inside. He would feel better if Jeanne could move her room at the ground floor.

Peter also wants to equip the house with various devices, not to watch his mother, but to warn him in case of problems at home or in city centre. She does not see the point. She thinks this kind of stuff is for old people, but if it can "make him happy, and if it is not too expensive ..." Anyway there is Armand, his neighbor, who sometimes takes her in his car when they meet along the x Wooden Castle road...

Target and objectives

The target are the elderly population willing and able to stay at home with the close support of professionals, informal caregivers and family.

A technological assistance based on connected devices / sensors aims at ensuring and providing the basis for alert teleassistance supply, measurement indicators and transmitters.



A set of sensors connected to the person - at home as well as outside - acquire such standing or real-time data in the form key / value, time-stamped and geo-tagged (when the location is possible).

These data are transmitted via the Internet, stored in a secure area, accessible to authorized persons and services and collected in the recipient's file. These files will contain the history of actions measured from the beginning/ since equipment has been put in.

Business rules and establishing thresholds will trigger basic alerts. Basic alerts have to be processed, aimed at and notified to caregivers' networks (i.e. professional, close or family caregivers). This will be done on a manual way (with the people working on an assistance platform for instance) or automatically (a notice of the event will have to be sent to caregivers)

Information feedback on the actual event would be a benefit to enrich the recipient's file. A qualification and a notification to the network would also be a benefit. The acknowledgment would be a functional addition to a qualitative approach and remote management.

Value Chain – Stakeholders

The Application has been designed and is provided by IMA.

The universAAlisation phase will be performed by a subcontracting partner.

The main active stakeholders are the four associations of caregivers involved in the project. Professional caregivers work at home and act as the primary actors who estimate the use of the application. These care services are partially funded by the General Council Public Social Services..