Associated Vendor: BioResult

About BioResult

BioResult, part of the group EResult and its branch, is involved in research and consulting activities and delivers highly innovative and/or technological content solutions and tools suitable for the process planning and management in sectors related to Life Sciences (agriculture, food, fisheries, forestry, animal husbandry, bio-energy, environmental, water resources management, territory management and protection, biodiversity, etc..). The proposed solutions are characterized by a highly innovative nature with reference both to the previously listed areas and to the different possible integration among them. A high degree of innovation for the aforementioned sectors is constituted by the use of ICT and modern technologies along with a strong synergy among the multidisciplinary expertise of computer scientists, engineers, agronomists, foresters, etc. which anticipates the opening of new market niches.

Through its own department of BioEconomy, BioResult provides customers service, technological, IT, legal, environmental and economic support to production chains also for the implementation and management of R&D projects, testing and demonstration, at national and international level. It owns its own research Laboratory accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and recorded in the National Register of Research with the following certificate code 60922API.

Motivation for Partnership

BioResult in the last years focused its attention in some field of AAL; in particular, in relation of main business of the company, BioResult analysed the user needs in terms of support services for home care, such as shopping of food products.

In this field, BioResult joined in the past a European project concerning the development of a mobile solution for an easy access for people with disabilities and elderly to daily activities; as mentioned before, following BioResult goals, daily activities in terms of food providing. So, BioResult developed a mobile app with this contents:

  • Easy access to daily services like do shopping, be accompanied to medical examination, receive assistance for house works, and so on.
  •  Monitor the user during his daily activities, with feedback requests and sensors data from wearable sensors necessary to know the user physical condition. In case of possibly dangerous physical situation, the system contacts selected caregivers by sending email/alerts reporting the user condition;
  • Remind the user about the completion of one or more activities in preconfigured daily times.

The developed solution, experimented on several groups of elderly people with good outcomes, is based on a proprietary platform; with this partnership BioResult has the aim to join an international e open contexts that can be the springboard to collaborate with companies in the AAL industry in the hope of improving their product.

 In order to grow up the developed solution and to join more standard and open contexts, and having the target to join the global market, BioResult, as EResult, would like to join the ReAAL project, realizing all the mandatory steps to became Associated Vendor.

universAALization Plan

Omniacare Health Check with social care


The Omniacare Health Check module is based on the sensor platform hosted by EResult architecture, as described in the EResult universAALizazion plan.

In particulare, Health Check witch social care module is the fusion of two important mechanisms implanted in the Omniacare solution:

1.    Service support for daily activities for AAL users, such as do food shopping, requests to be accompanied to do medical examinations, receive assistance for house works and so on; with this solution, user could exploit his tablet, through a studied user experience developed to grant easy access to mobile contents, to make an order related to one of enabled services. After making the order, supplied by a caregiver, the user could follow the completion state by monitoring the order form or simply receiving alerts whenever the order change his status;

2.    Health monitoring, through the study of the user device sensors data (e.g. accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.); the application periodically send the sensors data that could be post-processed to enhance the user body activity evaluation and obtain information about his health status.

In the pictures below will be shown how service support works (first picture) and how the sensor platform works (second picture).

In the first picture, it could be notice the interaction between user and caregiver for the order request based on enabled services.

In this second picture, it could be noticed that sensor platform is based on the EResult sensor platform system, that provides information about health status and environmental status; the BioResult products focuses on the messages that monitor health status



Based on this functions, BioResult would realize the universAALization only of the second part of the product, that is the universAALization of health user activity monitoring; in the picture below will be shown the universAALization scheme for the integration process.



Using the universAAL Middleware API for Health Check

General approach

Using universAAL runtime with the Java-OSGi API of the middleware

Using universAAL runtime with the Java-Android API of the middleware

Usage of the middleware buses

Context bus (for publishing events and / or subscribing to events)

Service bus (for calling and / or providing services)

User Interaction bus (for using universAAL’s UI description package and leaving the rendering to situation-aware UI handlers)

Additional middleware features planned to be used

Logging mechanisms

Using universAAL “Manager” components (platform services)

Context History Entrepôt services (querying data gathered in the home)

Profiling services including saving and querying info describing users, objects, locations