The AAL Open Association (AALOA) [1]  is a community that fosters the emergence of common open platforms for Ambien Assisted Living (AAL) / Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), at both the social and technical levels. Its ambition is to link all the Demand / Supply actors in the AAL and AHA areas:

LADemand supply dimension of the AALOA community

AALOA is hosting several community projects whose scope range from open source software development (e.g., universAAL, ZB4OSGi, HOMER, …) to organizing community workshops (WASP, AMB’11, MACSI-2014), and benchmarking AAL-related research results (EvAAL).

A highlight in AALOA activities are its two publications created in an open process by interested people from the AAL community: (1) AALOA Manifesto [2] with 72 individuals as subscribers, nine EU projects as supporters and four organizations as promoters, and (2) The Lecce Declaration [3] signed by 44 European AAL-related projects involving over 200 organizations. The first publication was a call for action that led to the creation of AALOA as an online community, and the second one found its way into the strategic and operational plans of EIP-AHA (European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Living) and caused them to include the C2 action group on interoperable independent living solutions. As a specific project supporting C2 in topics related to interoperability and open platforms, ReAAL can be seen as an offspring of the Lecce Declaration!

After four years of existing as an online community (mostly based on resources coming from the universAAL project), AALOA is being launched now as a legal entity during the lifetime of the ReAAL project. This is quite in analogy to the universAAL platform that was developed by the universAAL project and is going into the real life by ReAAL. As a matter of fact, the main promoters of AALOA so far have been CNR-ISTI, Fraunhofer IGD, SINTEF, TRIALOG, UPM and UPV, all members of the consortia of the universAAL and / or ReAAL projects (see ReAAL consortium for links).

The link with AALOA is very crucial for ReAAL because AALOA is hosting universAAL [4] – the common open platform within the ReAAL rollouts – as a major open source project in the AAL community. Considering the critical requirement of the ReAAL pilot sites about the sustainability of universAAL, on one side, and the fact that ReAAL is providing the main resources for the maintenance of universAAL, on the other side, collaboration of ReAAL and AALOA is inevitable for both sides. In practical terms, ReAAL is supporting the transition of the universAAL Developer Depot (uDD) from the universAAL project to AALOA. Once made, further developments will be managed by the corresponding AALOA open source project. This means that any adaptation, improvement or new feature developed as part of ReAAL will be submitted to the universAAL Board at AALOA for its inclusion in the uDD. In return, the universAAL Board at AALOA is required to make its facilities ready for business critical development and operation support in real life.

Consequently, joining AALOA is certainly one of the options for the people from the community who are interested to stay connected to ReAAL.

[1] AALOA Website: http://aaloa.org/

[2] AALOA Manifesto: http://aaloa.org/manifesto

[3] The Lecce Declaration: http://publica.fraunhofer.de/eprints/urn:nbn:de:0011-n-2252880.pdf

[4] The universAAL home at AALOA: http://universaal.aaloa.org/