Welcome to the ReAAL application portfolio!

This portfolio provides an overview of the selected Active and Independent Living applications and services that have been deployed and tested since 2015 in 13 pilot sites from eight countries that participated in the ReAAL project. Over 6000 users could profit from these applications in the domains of Comfort, eHealth, social integration, and safety & security provided on top of universAAL as the common open platform, across all applications and pilot sites.

The ReAAL application portfolio is presented below first in terms of five alboms acccording to the application categories; then follows an overview of the applications in table form.

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Overview of the applications deployed in ReAAL pilot sites

Pilot Category Application Description
Badalona, ES Assisted Living Help When Outdoor Guide the assisted person find back home and alarm if a safe zone is left
eHealth Nomhad chronic Detect changes in the chronic conditions and inform the caregiver
Social integration Agenda Reminder services
Bilbao, ES Assisted Living Immediate Aid Provider Immediate support in case of need, especially in panic situations
eHealth Healthy habits and wellness Control the user healthy habits and provide a feedback to the caregiver
Eindhoven, NL eHealth Monitor Heart Failure Recovery at home Monitoring people at home during recovery, after treatment of heart attack at hospital
Führstenhof, DE Assisted Living Living services portal Online portal offering variety of accommodations, Red Cross, concierge and health services
Ljubljana, SI Assisted Living Care signal Remote care home, raising and escalating alerts in case of adverse events in the user´s home
eHealth Tele-rehabilitation Continuous rehabilitation to enhance the clinical effect on people with stroke and to decrease the rehabilitation cost
Madrid, ES Safety-Security Cognibox Gamified tests identifying brain sectors that need training, provide appropriate brain training programm and report training progress to the caregivers
Social integration SocialByElder Social games / Easy send Email - Easy social networking / Online news paper / Easy Wikipedia
eHealth eHealth Monitor health parameters / Schedule appointement and medication / set up event alert
OptiSAD Ease the care giver comminucation with clients / Track and controle the tablet PC status and location
Odense, DK eHealth Rehabilitation Portal Guide patients while performing rehabilitation exercises
Social integration Task scheduling & activity monitoring Assess the exercises execution quality and communicate it with the care givers
Perche, FR Social integration Ici et maintenant Keep people informed about relevant events, personal appointment, etc., and assistance when at risk outdoor
Puglia, IT Safety-Security Safety at home Detect emergency events and notifies emergency services and caregivers
Home Activity Monitoring Allow caregivers to monitor activities of people in need of care using Indoor Envirnmental monitoring, Omnicare health check and iCam
Comfort Easy Home Control (Newdom) Control the home appliances via tablet pc
Rotterdam, NL Assisted Living Online Self Help Facilitate the communication between end user and their social community
eHealth VitAAL Enable the end-users to monitor and manage their personal, social and physical well-being
Personal Alarm Reminder for taking medicament
NetMedical Measure vital signs and automatically transfer them to care givers
Social integration Screen Communication Provide a screen-to-screen communication 
Personal Diaries Offer a set of self-management diaries for chronic conditions
Thessaloniki, GR eHealth IWELLI Health Tracker Facilitate daily living by monitoring vital signs, home environmental parameters and manage home electronic devises in an intelligence way
Weiterstadt, DE Assisted Living Home Intelligence Smart living environment offering assistive services, comfort services, energy optimization services, e-Health services, and alarm services